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The State Of The Music Industry



The Oatmeal have published a cartoon on the state of the music industry from past to present day, and it hits more than close to home. Enjoy the full cartoon here and present day below.

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"The identity system for Lake house was inspired by local trail maps - encouraging guest to get out of their room and enjoy the Adirondacks. We used topographic patterns, mountain coordinates and created iconography around the activities available during each season. The color palette is minimal, letting the natural textures and landscape take center stage. A rustic red is used throughout, adding a pop of color that ties back to the rich heritage of the Adirondacks."

At Tag Collective, the mission is to empower the people they believe in with thoughtful design solutions. Tag Collective believes that good design is more than just a pretty face — that’s why they’re dead set on working with visionaries who have the guts to do meaningful work. They promise their clients a process born from human empathy, designed to draw clarity from chaos to help them fulfill their potential.

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I think I stumbled on the Internet’s greatest Yelp review.


I think I stumbled on the Internet’s greatest Yelp review.

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The Periodic Table of Beer Styles on Amazon. Designed by Mantis Design. We’ve got a few nice beer posters up at home, but this one is as functional as it is geeky. Not only can one easily see the relationship between different styles of beer but they also have detailed information like range of ABV, IBU, even original gravity and final gravity. A great wall hanging for beer geeks, home-brewers, and newbies alike.

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"You have to remind yourself that you can do the very best you can when you’re very, very relaxed. No matter what it is, no matter what your job is, the more relaxed you are, the better you are. That’s sort of why I got into acting. I realized that the more fun I had, the better I did it, and I thought, Well, that’s a job I can be proud of. I’d be proud to have that job, if I had to go to work and say, ‘No matter what my condition or what my mood is, no matter how I feel about what’s going on in my life, if I can relax myself and enjoy what I’m doing and have fun with it, then I can do my job really well.’ And it’s changed my life, learning that. And it’s made me better at what I do. I’m not the greatest or anything. But I really enjoy what I do."
Bill Murray (x)

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Luckless Charms

Illustrated by blogwell tanner - Star of the drawfee YouTube channel - Watch me

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"Good Morning"
“How was your day?”
“Be careful”
“Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe”
“Sweet dreams”
“How are you?”
“I hope you’re feeling better”
“Have a good day today!”
“I miss you”
“Good night”
“Can you come over?”
“Can I come over?”
“Can I see you?”
“Can I call you?”
“You’re beautiful”
“Want something to drink?”
“Watch your step”
“Let’s watch a movie”
“What are you up to?”
“How is your day so far?”
“It will be okay”
“I’m here for you”
“Do you need anything?”
“Are you hungry?”
“I just wanted to hear your voice”
“You just made my day”

You don’t have to hear “I Love You” to know that someone does. Listen carefully. People speak from the heart more often than you think.

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